Lilies & Daisies

Lilies & Daisies Image
Not just roses and sunflowers! There are other flowers available and I will do my best to match or source a flower of your choice, or design an invitation that is influenced by your flower.

Gerberas, daisies, lilies, forget-me-nots, lavander and even the Golden Wattle flower!

All designs are bespoke so if any changes are required please email with details. There are many choices of ribbon and card colour available. I will contact you with regards to wording and font choices and to confirm the design.
Lilies & Daisies
L001 Image

Two lilies on a square invitation

L002 Image

A single lily on mulberry paper

DA001 Image

Daisy invitation

DA002 Image

Square daisy Invitation

DA003 Image

Tall daisy invitation